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Energy and pure water recovery from waste streams

We start by undertaking a rigorous concept verification process on your site, to properly characterise waste stream composition and available feedstock.

The Waterform engineering team provide a bespoke design report addressing the following: 

The ultraBiox™ ZERO advantage

Waterform provides turnkey design and construction of ultraBiox™ ZERO Waste-To-Profit (W2P) Treatment Plants.

ultraBiox™ ZERO W2P plants incorporate advanced anerobic digestion technology to enhance bioenergy production. This is integrated with our ultraReuse™ technology to ensure all treated discharge streams are reusable and renewable.

As a total solution provider, we take ownership of the delivery from concept to operation.  

Net-positive energy and pure water recovery from site wastewater streams 

Helping utility-intensive Australian businesses secure a sustainable future, and achieve corporate sustainability targets  

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A different approach

Typical anaerobic gas recovery plants are single-minded in nature; in attempting to recover gas, nutrients in the water remain at a high level. This limits the ability of a site to reuse wastewater or cost-effectively send it to trade waste.

The ultraBiox™ ZERO offers a different perspective. By combining potable-grade wastewater reuse and energy recovery, the ultraBiox™ ZERO gives sites a clear path to helping achieve both corporate ESG water and energy sustainability targets within a single technology.

 Waterform is an Australian family-owned business with decades of experienced working with processors and manufacturers to achieve compliance, cost and sustainability goals. 

Energy output 

Pure water output 


Capital & operational expense modelling

Permit requirements 

Regulatory documentation 

Technical Overview

ultraBiox™ ZERO is a high-rate, tank-based proprietary technology combining attached-growth substrates and biological nutrient removal with membrane separation processes.

This technology is based on practical application data, and developed by Waterform Technologies’ engineering division, in Australia for local conditions. 

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Our Engineering Team

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A recent ultraBiox Project

Industries: Beverage Processing, Meat Processing, Fruit & Veg, Dairy Processing, Protected Cropping, Brewing and Distilling, Horticulture & Viticulture, Wineries and Poultry

ultraBiox™ Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

A full largescale turnkey wastewater treatment plant designed and built by Waterform using SBR/MBR hybrid technology, sludge dewatering and aerated lagoons ensure wastewater can be reused on vineyards and for dust suppression for this beverage company in South Australia

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Businesses that we have worked with

Our Engineering Team

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